Some of my favorite (and not so favorite) questions that people ask me... (updated continuously, so check back for more!)

"Why is your blog sometimes in English and sometimes in Hebrew?"
-- That's simple: it's just how my brain works. I grew up in Israel and California (respectively), so sometimes I feel more comfortable explaining things in English and sometimes in Hebrew. I also have international readers, so I try to balance out the languages used in my posts (even though Google Translate is available very conveniently nowadays). If anyone wants any post or video translated for them, I'll be glad to do it! And besides, I want to help my Israeli readers improve their English, it never hurts...

"What's your day job?"
-- I'm actually a hi-tech geek :-) I know, the blog name didn't give that away at all, right? Right. To accommodate my (expensive) hobbies, I'm a technical writer by day (another place where my native English comes in handy). What's a technical writer? Well, you know F1? Yeah, that's me. I write user guides for automatic QA software that's used by some of the biggest financial, industrial, and commercial companies to test their own software, which means it's really complicated. But that's the best part of it! I probably wouldn't have liked to write user guides for toaster ovens or microwaves... ZZzzZZzZzZ!

"So wait, you have a day job, you're a makeup artist, AND you perform? When do you sleep?!?!?"
-- On Shabbat, of course :-) Seriously though, I do keep myself very occupied (I'm also a graphic designer and a video editor) but I need to be very careful not to overload myself (which happens), and I always make sure I have 1 free evening every week (what do you mean, laundry doesn't do itself?!?)

"Which shade of eyeshadow/lipstick/blush would look good on me?"
-- Well... Just kidding. I'm not going to list every product I like here. But I felt it was necessary to list this question, because I get it like, ALL THE TIME. I usually reply by asking "what are you looking for?". Every person's taste is different, every person's skin is different, and I tend to get calls from frantic friends at the drugstore asking which shade of lipstick is best for them out of [insert list of weirdo lipstick shades here], assuming that I've done my thesis on that company and can tell off the top of my head what will work. I usually answer "YOU'RE there, not ME. Try stuff, and see what you like!". I'm not saying that I don't ever recommend anything to anyone. When it comes to TYPES of products (oil-free, glycerin/mica/silica) I try to educate myself because knowledge of these things can help prevent allergic reactions and other nasties that can be caused by using the wrong ingredients. But colors? Unless i'm hired to do a complete look, I usually try to avoid getting in the way of color selection for other people. Unless of course, they've picked up a Barby pink lipstick with an orange bronzer and kermit-green eyeshadow. That's just wrong.