Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pinup Evolution Series, Session 1 - 1950's

Introduction to the series
I finally got around to starting the photoshoot series I've been talking about for months, in which I go back through the decades and recreate retro pinup looks, whether directly or indirectly influenced by specific characters. The shoots are directed, produced and styled by me, and I'm collaborating with the marvelous photographer Asaf Sagi (who's also the resident Perfectly Marvelous Cabaret photographer) and various friends who I've seduced into modelling for me with promises of fame, glory, and free photos ;-) There's nothing commercial about these sessions, we're not selling any of the photos (unless someone really really wants them ;-) and it's mainly to build up our portfolios and to gain experience, and most importantly- they're freakin' FUN!!!
Anyway, this post is about the first photoshoot, which included 2 looks from the 50's (I couldn't just pick one!) and features my gorgeous sister, Shlomit Ariel, who can pull off ANY look but I chose her for this decade because she has a gentle mix of innocence and femininity that you can rarely find nowadays!
The full album from this shoot can be found in this Picasa album:


So What Was it all About?!?
Look 1 - The Good Girl
It's hard to think of the 50's without remembering all those black & white advertisements for the latest ovens or nylon stockings, with the perfect housewife glowing with joy at the new purchase... We chose the specific location because it had an ironically contrasting image than the look that the model itself had, and we thought it was fairly amusing that she was photographed in her perfect pearls in the midst of all the wreckage. 
The sun-umbrella was a last-minute purchase that I thought could give things an interesting twist, and you can see that it helped the last set of photos to be extra special!
Look 2 - The Rockabilly Babe
For this look, I wanted to boost up the sexiness and give my model a more rockabilly look, which actually ended up resembling some of the more modern pinups you'll see today (like Black Betty, my high school best friend, who's been an indirect inspiration for this look). 
We had a wonderful opportunity to take pictures at a collector's car show that meets every week not far from my apartment, called The 5 Club. The organizers were very nice and told us that as long as the car owners gave permission we can take pictures for free (of course after I explained to them that it's for non-commercial use and that they'll get free PR blah blah blah). So we set out to find 50's cars, and luckily found one with a very nice car owner that didn't even care if we put his name in the credits, as long as he can get copies of the pictures. And then came the big surprise - HARLEYS! Yes, my sister got to be a Harley chick for a bit, and even though we're not sure if the bike itself is completely 50's style, her rockabilly-sexy look was just asking for a motorcycle, and the owner was SO nice and even moved his hog to a more private spot so we can take pictures without any unnecessary background. 
Needless to say, that this session was very exciting, and we ended up attracting quite a crowd! People were taking pictures with their cellphones and constantly asking us questions. It was really thrilling!

Photography: Asaf Sagi
Model: Shlomit Ariel
Dress for look 1 courtesy of: Savannah Zwi-Navon
Dress for look 2 courtesy of: Eleanor Pfeferman

Makeup Products Used

  • MUFE HD Foundation
  • Careline Concealer
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • Painterly Paintpot
  • MUFE Eyeshadows in Nude, Brown, Olive, and White
  • MAC Chromaline Eyeliner (Pro)
  • CoverGirl LashBlash Waterproof in Black
  • MAC Eyebrow Pencil in Spiked
  • MAC Eyebrow Gel in Clear
  • MUFE Powder Blush in Pink and Peach
  • Random Red Lipliner
  • Revlon Matte Lipstick in 006
  • MAC Set Powder in Translucent

These products were used for both looks, and the only difference was that I made the eyeshadows more pronounced and dramatic for the rockabilly look, and also added Urban Decay's Drink Me Eat Me eyeshadow on the lid for extra shimmer. 
This photoshoot was definitely a learning experience for me (especially in term of how long things take!!!), but I'm really happy that we got to finally do it, and make sure you follow this blog to read about upcoming productions!