Thursday, February 11, 2010

Make Up For Ever. And ever. And ever....?

So there's this store in Or Yehuda in Israel that imports MUFE products. The big buzz around them started when MUFE went "off the shelves" at the department stores, and all the stock moved there for a big "clearance sale".

SIDE NOTE: I have a feeling that they realized they can make more money buying "leftovers" or "testers" or "whatevers", and selling them for cheaper, than to try and market the brand as a high-end cosmetics line (a-la MAC, which are very successful so far, AFAIK). 

Of course, they don't have things like the HD collection (too expensive to import, according to their manager), and the 5-color concealer palette, but they seemed to have a nice selection of lipsticks and lipstick palettes, pencils, foundations (not in every shade), powders, cleansers, and pretty much everything a girl needs to get a good start.


There's always that fear of "OMG am I buying a cheap knock-off that'll turn my face green with purple spots, a-la Ann of Green Gables???". But I braved myself, and ended up buying quite a bit, to test out the different types of products that the store had.

I began researching places like the Sephora website (which is the main place to buy MUFE), to see if the prices are *really* that different and if the products match up in look and feel, and when I got to Paris in April I will definitely take some things with me to Sephora and compare. Fool me once, I will avenge!

I will start posting reviews of each product type I got, and hopefully it'll help some of you decide whether to brave yourselves to this place, regardless of their trustworthiness level.

I'll be happy to hear if anyone bought stuff from there, and what your experience has been!

Yours virtually,

Hello? Is this thing on??

Hi everyone!

Welcome to my first attempt at a written blog, and my second attempt at sounding my voice in the beauty world.

I tried posting a few videos on YouTube (feel free to look here but it seems like as soon as you place me in front of the camera I go ditzy and start "umm"ing and "uhh"ing a lot. And that's only cute if you're either 16 or very hot! I've known for quite some time that I am not an "in-front-of-the-camera" person.
That's why instead of going to acting school I went to film school.

I also do a lot of continuous beauty/styling research (by watching YouTube gurus and asking a lot of questions), and even though I always have a lot to say about, well.. anything, I still have a lot to learn and practice (and yes, SHOP!) in that department. That's why my "styling" channel is a Director channel and not a Guru channel- I'm still way better in making videos than I am in applying makeup!

All that said and done, I still feel like I have a lot to say, but I don't feel comfortable putting my iPhone in front of me and recording videos. So I'll start here...

So this is my little introduction post, I hope that I won't bore anyone to death or make a fool of myself, but that's always a risk when your word goes "out there".

p.s. - I may have posts in Hebrew, since a lot of the products I'm using are "native" to Israel. How does that sound? I'd appreciate suggestions/requests!!!

Yours truly